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An exotic, playful and fluid magazine for all!

We are looking for new content from around the world. Models. Musicians. Artists. Dancers. Photographers. MUAH. Stylists. Writers. Actors. Influencers. Creatives.


Get your editorials featured and published for those coveted credits and tearsheets. 


Or simply grab your own advertorial space with us and let us know what your business or brand is doing. We want to know where the latest hot spots are and what they offer, where one goes to get fit and fabulous, what's happening around town and all the local scoop. 


Concerts, arts and cultural events and anything to do with arts and entertainment influence the creative space!

All Talent and Creatives are welcome to submit content for consideration to be featured in  Zazaa! Zoryn! Zwish!

In a diverse industry of beauty and skill, inclusiveness as well as the need to highlight various sectors for certain markets, has resulted in our bouquet of magazines to service this growing need for Tearsheets and global exposure.

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Our Publications


Movement, Light, Flowery, Belonging to All, Growth, Plenty.

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Gold, Happy, Beautiful with an element of Bashfulness, Imagination, Willpower, Optimistic, Bold, Free, Gifted.

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Clever, Great Humanity, Super Star.

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